• Material & Application expertise

    • Guidance on what material is optimal for your given application

    • Package Design
    • Artwork creation for printed top or bottom films

  • Material sample analysis

    • You send a sample to us, and we will send you a report within 3 – 5 days

  • Sample Support
    • We will provide the right sample for your application for field testing
  • Excellent Pricing
    • We have exclusive supplier contract manufacturing agreements
    • Based on our volume we have better influence with our partners/contractors
    • Many small to medium size companies are our partner
  • Onsite production inspection PPI
    • Our PPI team (Plant & Production Inspection ) goes periodically on site
    • PPI will supervise on site new process / product implementation
  • Onsite Quality control QC
    • Our QC will be onsite to assure product consistency, correct package labeling, loading and check documentation
  • Material Issues / Problems
    • We can respond faster to serve our customers as we have Pack3000 representatives in the same time zone as our plants
  • Logistics
    • We offer DDP/ CIF freight service with best available shipping rates provided by our logistic partners
    • We offer use of our Shanghai/ Hamburg consolidation warehouse
    • Able to reduce logistics department cost for our customers
  • Communication
    • We speak Chinese, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian
    • We understand the mentality and culture of our suppliers in Europe/Asia, this helps in many ways imaginable
  • Certification & Specification
    • Our partners and contractors will issue all product & plant related certifications for our customers
    • We are authorized for limited subject driven self-certification
  • Business Support
    •  We are constantly asking ourselves: How can we improve our services to support our customers better!

Product Range:


Can Customers visit manufacturing plants?
Pack3000 will offer limited plant visitations for existing or new customers with prior approval.
Are manufacturing plants & process certified?
Pack3000 will only cooperate with manufacturers with highest certification level and process technology
Are laboratory for product analysis and testing available?
Pack3000 laboratory available with latest analysis equipment and highly educated, trained staff for FREE material analysis
Does Customer pays a separate Fee or Commission?
Pack3000 pricing is all included no additional Fees or hidden charges