Pack3000 Magna is a top of the line machine, based on the latest packaging technology & communication tools available on the market. The versatile machine is designed for high speed and large products. Flat – Cardboard skin with 100mm Super Protrusion is one of the many package types this machine is capable of. The sanitary design includes sloped surfaces for total washdown. The Pack3000 Magna is durable and user friendly, and an all stainless-steel modular construction makes this a top of the line machine in the industry. The Magna is a tremendous machine with great throughput equipped with magnificent second to none technology. CE, CSA, UL approved.

Pack3000 Magna Thermoforming Machine for Seafood Packaging

Flat Skin Package on Pack3000 Magna Thermoforming Machine

Pack3000 Magna: Demonstration of Rigid Skin Packaging with Products Protruding Above Web Line

Pack3000 Magna Flat Skin Capability with Protruding Products

Information on Flat Skin Package using Recyclable Paper Base