Pack3000 IMPULSE is our middle of the road workhorse machine, based on the latest packaging technology & communication tools available on the market. This versatile machine is designed for high speed and small to medium-size products. This machine offers package formats such as flexible, rigid, and even Flat- Cardboard skin with 100 mm Super Protrusion. The sanitary design includes sloped surfaces for total washdown. The Impulse is durable and user friendly, and an all stainless-steel modular construction makes this a top of the line machine in its class. The Pack3000 IMPULSE is a high-quality machine using only 1st class components from manufacturers such as PLC Siemens, HMI Siemens, Pneumatic Festo, Busch Vacuum Pumps, etc. This machine is UL / CSA / CE approved, and has a 2 years warranty on parts.”
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